This symposium is organized by the StableNextSol COST Action project which celebrates its closure with this conference. The symposium is focused on the stability of Emerging Solar Cells such as, Organic, Perovskites, Quantum Dots, Hybrid and Dye sensitized Solar Cells, including Tandem architectures. The main objective is the understanding of the different degradation mechanisms that affect solar cell stability and the development of innovative methods to improve device lifetime. The meeting solicits abstracts related to new highly stable materials, interfaces, barrier layers, improvement on device architecture, novel characterization techniques, simulation, fabrication methods, and modules. Abstracts dedicated to novel applications, response under low light irradiation, characterization protocols and devices and modules with extended lifetime are also welcome.

Topics include:

  • Perovskite, Organic, Quantum Dots, Hybrid, Dye Sensitized and Tandem Solar Cells
  • Synthesis of new stable materials
  • Device architecture for stable devices
  • Characterization, Modelling
  • New applictions
  • Characterization and Testing Protocols
  • Fabrication and Scale up
  • Device Stability

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

  • Nam-Gyu Park (KR)
  • Natalie Stingelin (USA)
  • Christoph Brabec (GE)
  • Jenny Nelson (UK)
  • Anders Hagfeldt (CH)
  • Zakya Kafafi (USA)
  • Rene Janssen (NL)
  • Olga Malinkiewicz (PL)
  • Juan Bisquert (ES)
  • Giulia Grancini (CH)
  • James Durrant (UK)
  • Mariska de Wild Scholten (NL)
  • Aldo di Carlo (IT)
  • Annamaria Petrozza (IT)
  • Prof. Lukas Schmidt-Mende (GE)

Symposium Scientific Committee

  • Quyen Nguyen  (USA) 
  • Elsa Couderc (UK)
  • Julia Hsu (USA)
  • M.A. Loi (NL)
  • Aldo di Carlo (IT)
  • Federik Krebs (DK)
  • M.K. Nazeeruddin (CH)
  • Kwanghee Lee (KR)
  • Tristan Watson (UK)
  • Satoshi Uchida (JP)
  • James Durrant (UK)
  • Chang-Qi Ma (CN)
  • Prof. Carsten Deibel (GE)

Symposium Organizers: The StablenextSol Project CORE group

  • Monica Lira-Cantu (ES)
  • Moritz Riedl (GE)
  • Yulia Galagan (NL)
  • Sjoerd Veenstra (NL)
  • Harald Hoppe (GE)
  • Francesca Brunetti (IT)
  • Koen Vandewal (GE)
  • Elizabeth von Hauff (NL)


Important dates:

Deadline for abstract submission:
31st of December 2018 (for oral presentation)
1st of February 2018 (only for poster and virtual presentation)